Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Emily has been sad for the past few weeks. Every time an engine saw her, she was always wearing a frown. Edward decided to find out what was going on. "What's the matter, Emily? I have never seen you like this before," said Edward. "Oh, it's nothing, really," sighed Emily. "Something is wrong, isn't it?" asked Edward. Emily sighed and said, "It's just that I haven't done anything to prove myself since my first day when I saved Oliver and Thomas. I haven't done anything since then."  "Remember, Emily. Every engine has its day, Just you wait and see," smiled Edward and he puffed away to work on his branch line. Emily felt a little better, but wasn't so sure. Later, Emily was puffing up to Anopha Quarry where Mavis worked. "Here are your trucks," grumpled Mavis, "Percy wasn't around to help, so I had to do it myself!" "I see. Well, I guess I'll be off then," sighed Emily. Emily puffed away with her trucks. Her crew noticed Emily just wasn't herself. "It would help to talk about it, you know," said the driver. "No, it's fine. Really, it is," said Emily quietly. Then, she saw something up ahead. It was Percy, and the trucks were pushing him towards an unsafe bridge. "Help! Help!" wailed Percy. "ON! ON! ON! Let's crash into stuff!" screamed the trucks. "Oh no!" gasped Emily. Percy's driver put the brakes hard on, but the trucks surged forwards. "I've got to stop him!" cried Emily. "But what about our stone?" asked the driver. "Helping a friend is more important! Please, uncouple me!" replied Emily. The fireman jumped out of the cab and uncoupled her from the trucks. Emily's driver switched the points so Emily could try and couple up to Percy's brakevan. Percy's guard tried to put on the brakes, but the brakes were weak and they broke easily. "I've got to stop! I've got to stop!" groaned Percy. Emily's driver made a risk and coupled up Emily to the brakevan. "I'll save you, Percy!" cried Emily. Her driver put on the brakes hard on. Percy stopped just before the bridge. "Thank you, Emily!" puffed Percy. "The signalman must've switched the points the wrong way," said Percy's driver. "I'm just glad to be useful," smiled Emily, and she was uncoupled and took her train of stone to the harbour. The Fat Controller was waiting there. "Well done! A fine piece of work, if I do say so myself!" smiled the Fat Controller. "Thank you, Sir," smiled Emily. Emily wore a smile for the rest of that day and was pleased to be Really Useful.