Written by User:DonaldDouglasandToby6

The Ffarquhar Branch Line engines were in the sheds. Thomas was cross with Percy.

"You crashed into my lemons for Farmer McColl, which caused a boy to fiddle with my controls. Thanks a lot, 'friend.'" Percy was cross.

"Rubbish! You're only saying that because you don't want to blame yourself!" he huffed.

Toby was worried,

"Thomas and Percy, arguing isn't going to get you anywhere. Perhaps some rest would do you good."

\Reluctantly, the engines went to sleep.

The next morning, Thomas had already left to collect Annie, Clarabel, and the milk tankers. Percy, Toby, and Daisy were alone. Percy yawned,

"Good morning, Toby..."

Then, Percy remembered what his driver had told him yesterday.

"Toby, the Sodor Brass Band is coming to Sodor. I wish I could take them. It would be a dream come true!"

"Indeed. It sounds important. The Fat Controller would most likely choose you, Percy. After all, you're a responsible engine!"

Percy beamed.

Daisy rolled her eyes.

"I hate to ruin your parade, but the Fat Controller would obviously chose a fancy Diesel rail-car like me!"

"Nonsense," replied Toby, "In reality, in can be any of us!"

Just then, their drivers arrived and the trio set out for work.

Meanwhile, Thomas was waiting impatiently for Pip and Emma.

"Goodness, I thought those rail-cars were faster than Gordon!"

Pip and Emma stopped nicely at the station.

"Sorry, we had to make a stop at Knapford to pick up somebody." said Pip.

The Fat Controller climbed out of one of the coaches.

"Thomas, after you deliver your milk, I would like you to collect the Sodor Brass Band and take them to a concert at Vicarstown. Just a special treat for my number one engine!" he said cheerfully and rode away with Pip and Emma.

Thomas was very pleased indeed.

"Oh, Thomas!" gasped Annie, "Be careful with the Brass Band!"