Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Rusty was waiting at the station with the Works Train. The Works Train is a train filled with engine parts to go to the Works. Rusty takes it up to the Works every week. Today, Butch was late, and Rusty was having a hard time waiting. "Where is he?" Rusty asked his driver. "I don't know, Rusty. The only vehicles I see on the road are cars, lorries, and buses," replied Rusty's driver. Rusty sighed and kept on waiting, but Butch didn't come. Sir Handel chuffed into the station. "What's the hold up, Rusty?" asked Sir Handel. "Butch is late for the first time," sighed Rusty. "Why don't you leave now? After all, Mighty Mac's supposed to come through here soon and you're blocking the line," puffed Sir Handel. Rusty thought about it and told the driver and the guard about what Sir Handel had said. "We probably should leave," agreed the guard. Rusty took off like a rocket just when Butch came into the parking lot by the station with more parts. "Stop! Stop!" honked Butch, but Rusty was already gone. Sir Handel giggled. Butch was cross. "You were the cause of this, weren't you?" huffed Butch. Sir Handel puffed swiftly away before he could answer. "Never mind, Butch," said his driver, "We'll catch Rusty in no time." "I hope so!" sighed Butch impatiently and he took off. Rusty rolled towards a level crossing, He stopped to let Elizabeth pass. "You're in a real hurry! Slow down and enjoy the scenery like a proper engine!" snorted Elizabeth and she chugged away. Rusty ignored her and continued on once the gates opened to let him pass. Butch rolled up to the crossing just as Rusty left. "Bother!" thought Butch, "Bertie told me all about his chase with Edward, and it took him three tries to try and catch up!" Skarloey puffed by. "You look tired out, Butch! What's the matter?" asked Skarloey. Butch sighed and told him about his chase. "I know a shortcut to get to the Works faster," said Skarloey, "It may help you go faster." Butch was pleased, "Thank you for the help, Skarloey!" and Butch drove backwards and onto the old shortcut. It was covered in leaves and dirt, but Butch pressed on. Rusty was going over a bridge towards the Works when he saw Stepney below. "Hello, Stepney!" called Rusty. "Hello! I haven't seen you for a while!" called Stepney. "I know! I have to deliver these parts. Good bye!" called Rusty and with a toot of his horn, he rolled away to the Works. Butch toiled through the bushes and, at last, he panted, tired but trimphent, into the Works. He honked his horn like crazy and said, "Phew! I made it. Rusty, here are the last of the parts!" "Thank you, Butch!" smiled Rusty. Butch drove off, pleased to finish a job, even when things were tough.