Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Peter Sam never minds any kind of work which Skarloey and Rheneas find very pleasing, considering that Sir Handel and Duncan hate both the trucks and the coaches that the railway has. Peter Sam went to fetch his coaches at Lakeside. Rheneas was there with another passenger train. "Hello Peter Sam!" puffed Rheneas. "Hello, Rheneas! I'm going to take this train to Crovan's Gate where Edward will be waiting." said Peter Sam. "Good. This railway needs to run like clockwork especially since Duncan's still at the Works from that incident with that tunnel again," said Rheneas. Peter Sam chuckled and found a turntable. His fireman got out and started to turn the table. "Look!" called one of Peter Sam's coaches, "It's that cocky but nice Peter Sam!" Peter Sam backed onto the coaches. Nobody knew that that when the guard had gone on his coffee break, he left the brakes on Cora. When he had come back, he had forgotten. Peter Sam pulled and tugged on the coaches but they didn't go. "Looks like something's wrong!" observed Rheneas. "Oh, dear! Driver, we need to check what's wrong!" cried Peter Sam. The driver checked all of the coaches. "The brakes are hard on Cora!" exclaimed the driver. "Looks like I've forgotten about the brakes," said the guard sheepishly, "Sorry." "Well, now they're fixed, but we'll have to make up for lost time. Right, Peter Sam?" asked the driver. "Yes, of course! The other engines will never hear the end of this!" groaned Peter Sam. Just then, Sir Handel rushed by and saw the matter and went off to tell the others. "Looks like Sir Handel beat you to it!" said Rheneas. Peter Sam sighed and puffed away, hoping the sheds would be empty that night, but they weren't. "I saw everything from a siding!" chortled Sir Handel. "I didn't know you still made mistakes, Peter Sam," teased Rusty. "That is enough, you two," ordered Skarloey. "A mistake any engine could make!" agreed Rheneas. "Besides, you two have had your share of mishaps too, you know," chuckled Duke. Sir Handel and Rusty said nothing more. Peter Sam felt silly but realized that mistakes weren't all bad, since you could learn from them and move on.


  • This story was made before Duncan the Rock-Star, so the reader wouldn't about the events Rheneas mentions.