Written by User:DonaldDouglasandToby6

Duncan felt cross and a little lonely at the Works. At last, Victor puffed up to him. "After many tests, we have decided that you are in good working order and ready to go back home." Duncan was pleased to hear this news. His crew came back to get him ready for the trip. "The Thin Controller told us to tell you that your first job is to work with Max and Monty to repair a wobbly bridge," said the driver. Duncan groaned; he hated construction work. Duncan puffed away to the site. Rheneas was there testing the bridge to make sure it was safe, "It feels so wobbly! I feel like I'm about to fall off!" Rheneas' driver reversed him back to safety. Duncan flashed a grin at the dump trucks, Max and Monty. "Would you two be interested in a plan with me?" asked Duncan. Max said nothing at first, but Monty seemed interested. "What sort of plan?" asked Monty. "A plan to derail that old fusspot!" whispered Duncan glancing at Rheneas. Max and Monty giggled. "What do we have to do?" asked Max. Duncan whispered his plan and everything was set. Max and Monty went on strike to make the bridge less and less safe. Duncan puffed quickly around and was behind Rheneas. A workman stared at Duncan. "What are you doing?!" he cried. Duncan didn't reply. Instead, he biffed Rheneas. Rheneas went flying off the bridge and fell onto the tracks. "Bust my buffers!" exclaimed Rheneas. He was badly damaged, his driver had a broken arm, and his fireman had a bruise on his elbow. Just then, Ivo Hugh raced in and crashed into the calamity! "Ow!" he cried. "Duncan, what is going on?!" asked the Thin Controller sternly. Duncan hesitated. "Nothing at all, sir! I was just going to help Rheneas!" The Thin Controller put his arms on his chest. "I saw you do that! You will be stuck on quarry detail for a month," said the Thin Controller. Duncan was very cross; he didn't find it fair that the dump trucks weren't getting in trouble too so he explained about Max and Monty. "We thought you were our friend!" said Max, "But you're not!" gasped Monty. "Hm, I see. I will call Miss Jenny about this and have you two punished as well. Now wonder Miss Jenny warned me about you two. Rheneas, I'm afraid you'll have to go to the Works first thing tomorrow," sighed the Thin Controller. Rheneas sighed. Duncan never saw Max and Monty for a while after that because the twins made a pact to never even look at Duncan again.