Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Duncan loved to rock and roll down the line. The other engines, however, hated it when Duncan does so. "It's so... distracting," said Rusty. "Not the most pleasent sight I've ever seen," remarked Peter Sam. Duncan got cross whenever the engnies critisized him. Duncan also hated tunnels. He called them "rabbit holes" instead of proper tunnels, but the Thin Controller refused to listen. "Nothing is wrong with those tunnels! All you do is rock 'n' roll like you're a rock star!" said the Thin Controller, but Duncan never listened. One day, he was bringing a passenger train from Crovan's Gate to Skarloey Station and was doing his "rock 'n' roll." Duncan was heading towards a tunnel. "Steady, boy!" cried the driver. "There's nothing to fear! There's nothing to fear!" laughed Duncan. Then there was trouble. Duncan wedged himself in the tunnel; he couldn't move. The coaches were cross. "You're a bad engine!" cried Agnes. "Bad! Bad! Bad!" chanted the coaches. "Enough of your stupid nonsense!" grumpled Duncan. Then, Rheneas puffed by. "Well! I don't expect you to sell any albums, Duncan!" he chuckled. Duncan grew red in the face; he was very embarassed. "Never mind. I'll go and get Freddie to help you home," said Rheneas and he puffed off. Rusty arrived with some workmen to make sure the tunnel was safe, "It looks safe," said a workmen. "Duncan, Duncan! Why would you do this again? I thought you were out of your "rock" phase?  Ha ha ha!" laughed Rusty. Duncan sighed and didn't say a word. Freddie arrived in record time. "I am sure the fastest engine in the hills can get you home in no time at all, Duncan!" he said. "Pah! You're the slowest besides Duke," muttered Duncan. "How dare you, Duncan!" said Freddie. Duncan snorted and Freddie pushed him home while Skarloey got the coaches. "Are you dears all right?" he asked. "That bad engine left us behind! exclaimed Ruth. "I'll never travel with him again!" remarked Lucy. "There, there. It's all right now," smiled Skarloey and he took the passengers home. The Thin Controller lectured Duncan that night. "Tunnels are tunnels and you are an engine who works on a railway! You are not some pop singer on a stage!" he lectured. Duncan groaned. "You will be sent to the Works to be mended!" the Thin Controller said, "Now I know why the Fat *ahem* Sir Topham Hatt warned me about you," he sighed. Peter Sam arrived to take Duncan to the Works. "Off we go then!" he said. Duncan was beginning to wonder whether "rock 'n' rolling" was a good idea after all.