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Edward had been working very hard the past few weeks, and had taken no rest. One afternoon, he was pulling into his shed when The Fat Controller noticed his tired demeanor. He came over to him. "Edward," he said," you have been putting extra effort in your work recently, and I've noticed that you've had no time to enjoy yourself." Edward replied, "Oh, Sir, I don't have the time. There's just so much to be done, and so little time to do it. I couldn't possibly give myself up for that." The Fat Controller gave the matter some thought, then said, "Well, now I'll let you." Edward was puzzled. "What do you mean, Sir?" "It means, Edward," replied The Fat Controller, "That I'll let you ease yourself and enjoy the spring air. I'll just have James finish your shunting today." Edward was very cheerful indeed in hearing this privilege. "Oh, thank you very much, Sir," he told The Fat Controller. "Not a problem, my dear engine," he replied, and then promptly left. Edward was very indeed ready to let himself unwind after his very tiring week. He let himself drift to sleep, in preperation for the adventures he would have tomorrow. The next morning, Edward had found some old, nasty, and rude trucks in a siding on his branch line. They were teasing one of the men who was tending to them, as he had a queer limp. After he had left, Edward thought it would be fun to teach the trucks some manners. The trucks were grumpy and didn't like being touched, but Edward ran them about, shunting and bumping them (gently yet forcefully) until the trucks were out of breath. After they apologised for their behaviour, Edward let them be, and moved on to Norramby, where there was a new lighthouse on the bay.