Written By WF72

   One morning Thomas was just waking up at Tidmouth Sheds when The Fat Controller came to see him. "Good morning Thomas! I have a job for you. Help Gordon with his Express. There are a lot of visitors and he needs more coaches." Gordon said "Good luck Thomas, I am not sure if we will be able to do it with even three engines, tender or not!" Then Gordon and Thomas puffed to Knapford and Thomas pulled up with the coaches. Gordon coupled to the coaches and the two puffed away. On Gordon's Hill, Thomas and Gordon were puffing up when there was trouble. Thomas, Gordon and the coaches were too heavy and they started racing down the rails; the coupling snapped between Gordon and the coaches. The signalman switched the points too late so Gordon did not go into a siding but Thomas and the coaches did; Gordon kept speeding down the main line and Gordon came off the rails. He still had speed so he flew into the grass. "Oh dear! Help!" said Gordon as he crashed into a pond. After about a hour Flynn draged Gordon to the Repair Yard. when Gordon was fixed he went to Knapford and the first thing Thomas said to him was, "Well, at least no one was killed!"