Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

One day, the engines were in their sheds. Gordon was grumbling about Bear. "Why does he have such a silly name?" ,grumbled Gordon, "It's disgraceful!" The others were uncomfortable with Gordon's grumbling, mostly Henry and Duck. "Shut up, Gordon!" exclaimed Duck. "I agree, Gordon. Bear's a Really Useful Engine all the same. Names don't matter."  "Even if Bear has recently met one of his own kind?" laughed James. Henry and Duck gave him dirty looks. James found it in his best interest to stop talking. Gordon laughed and puffed away to pull the express. "See you in the wild, Bear! Ha ha ha!" Bear took no notice. "Are you all right, Bear?" asked Duck worriedly. "No, it's fine," ,said Bear, "I'm used to it. Diesel does the same to me all the time." "We're here for you if you need us, Bear," smiled Henry. "Thanks,"  replied Bear. Later, Gordon was pulling his express through Henry's forest. "What a lark! What a lark!" Gordon chuckled. Gordon's driver saw something up ahead. "Something's blocking the line, Gordon. We need to stop!" he said. "Poo! It's only a cow!" snorted Gordon, "Bears are fierce, Gordon. They're a serious matter. We will stop and that's final." said the driver. Gordon groaned and stopped. He tried to shoo the bear away, but the bear growled and threw a paw straight at Gordon! "Bust my boiler!" "Let's go back and wait for a wildlife expert to handle this," said the driver. "Yes, lets!" agreed Gordon. At the sheds that night, the engines all laughed. "Well, well, well!" laughed Henry. "Look who's scared of a bear! Ha ha!" Gordon said nothing. Bear smiled; he knew Gordon would never tease him about his name again.