Written By Doctor Box

   Gordon is very proud of his shiny blue coat of paint. He thinks it makes him look important and elegant. One foggy day, Gordon was getting his boiler inspected. Thomas went by. "Hello!" he said, "The painters want to see you at the Works." Gordon was pleased. He thought the painters wanted to repaint him becaus his shiny blue paint was worn out. So Gordon rushed to the Works as soon as he could. When he arrived, the painters were glad to see him. "Oh, good," one of the painters said,"We were just finishing mixing the new paint." Gordon waited patiently as the workers painted him from top to bottom. After a while, the one of the painters said,"All done. Take a look!" Gordon looked in the mirror in front of him and gasped. "Oh my!" he said. Gordon was painted green, like Henry and Percy! "Like it, Henry?" asked the painter. Gordon was astonished! "I'm not Henry!" he said," I'm Gordon!" The painters stared. "I don't like this paint at all! I want my blue coat back!" The head painter said,"We're sorry, but we'll have to mix new blue paint for you." Gordon was fuming,"So I have to go around the island like this all day?" The painters started on the new paint right away. "For now, head back to your shed. We'll have James tell you when the paint is ready," the head painter said. So, Gordon went back to his shed, hoping no other engines were there. When he arrived, he didn't see anyone around. "I cannot let James of all engines see! What would he think of me then? I'm so ashamed!" Hours later, James arrived and saw Gordon sleeping in the shed. At first, he didn't want to wake Gordon. But when he saw that Gordon was painted green, he laughed so loud that Gordon woke up. "The-the paint is ready!" James said while laughing,"The men --cough-- the men want you at the Works!" Gordon chuffed angrily away, while James still laughed. When Gordon arrived, the painters were holding a big bucket filled with Gordon's favorite North Western blue. The men started work right away. Hours passed. Gordon was happy to wait, because he missed his blue paint, and was looking forward to mocking the smaller engines about how grand he was. "Done!" a painter called. Gordon looked into the mirror and saw himself in glorious blue paint. Gordon was so happy, his boiler bubbled! Then, a painter said,"Wait for it to dry, then you may leave." The paint dried, Gordon left, and went back to his shed. "Well?" Gordon asked. "Nice new paint job, Gordon," Percy said. "Yeah. Looks great," Thomas said. And, after a long bragging, Gordon and the other engines went to sleep.