Written by User:DonaldDouglasandToby6

Harold flies over the sky of Sodor every single day, looking for people that are injured. One day, he was flying over a canyon in the hills when he saw a stranded hiker that had fallen to the bottom. Amazingly, the hiker was still alive and said, "Please help!" "Don't worry, old chap! I'll have you out of there in no time!" and Harold raced off to find help. At Crovan's Gate, Donald and Douglas were waiting impatiently; they were late but they couldn't leave because of the emergency. Duke was on the track over. "I'm sure we'll be going again soon. Just have some patience, you two." "That's easy for ye to say!" huffed Donald. "We've been stuck here for at least an hour," groaned Douglas. Just then, they heard a familiar buzzing in the air. Harold flew then in. "Och, now we have to deal with Whirylbird," sighed Donald. "There's no cause to be so rude!" huffed Duke. "Ye wouldn't understand, Duke. That helicopter has to just fly in here and just be a nusiance." said Donald. Duke ignored Donald and talked to Harold instead.  "All the same, Harold, please state your business." "There's no time to explain! Do you have a doctor with you?" Luckily, there was a doctor in one of Duke's coaches. "Good luck!" called Duke. "Good luck at messing things up," chuckled Douglas. Harold ignored the twins' remarks. "Thank you! Thank you! Donald and Douglas, it's time for you to leave!" called Harold. "Aboot time!" huffed Douglas as they steamed away. Donald and Douglas had to hurry to make it on time. "About time you kettles show up!" huffed Cranky. "Och, don be a nusicance," said Donald. "We had to wait for Harold," added Douglas. Cranky just snorted. "Emergencies are more important than making it on time, matey," called Salty. Cranky laughed and said, "No, emergencies are more important than you stupid things down there!." At the canyon, Harold dropped a rope to the hiker. "You saved my life!" gasped the hiker to the pilot. "Just doing are job!" replied Harold's pilot. Harold flew the hiker to the hospital and dropped him off. "Thanks again!" called the hiker as the nurses wheeled him into the hospital. Harold smiled and flew off into the sunset.