James is a generally cheerful engine. Most think it's because he is the number five red engine, but it is not. James obtains most of his cheer from his whistle. One may ask: what's so great about a whistle that would make an engine so happy? Well, James' whistle is special. It is a three-chime whistle. It makes a unique sound that makes James feel individual and different than the other engines. One day, The Fat Controller came to the Sheds. Before he gave the other engines their jobs, he spoke to James personally. "James, after receiving a letter from the Railway Board, I have determined  that your whistle is obsolete." "What do you mean, Sir?" James asked. "Your three-chime whistle is not-(ahem)-loud enough. This can cause potential safety problems. In order to avoid those possible problems, I am having your whistle replaced with a Sudragh Model instead." The Fat Controller then gave Thomas, Edward, Henry, and Gordon their tasks. "James, I need you to pick up the sliced timber from the sawmill and take it to the docks. You shall have your new whistle fitted on the way there." He then gave Percy and Toby their jobs, then The Fat Controller subsequently left.