Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

One day, Oliver puffed back from the Small Railway. "I wonder if I should tell the big engines they have minature versions of themselves," chuckled Oliver, "It would be funny, after all." He decided to go with his plan and puffed onto the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds. "You have the biggest grin I've ever seen on your face," observed James. "What is this about?" grunted Gordon. "There's a little railway that Duck, Donald, Douglas, and I go to every day on our branch line. They have minature versions of you three!" laughed Oliver. "How's that even possible?" asked Emily. "He's probably just pulling our wheels, guys," sighed Henry, "He's done it before, after all." Oliver just puffed away back to his branch line to tell Duck about it. At Haultraugh, Oliver told Duck about it. "Are you sure that was the right thing to do?" asked Duck, "You know how the big engines are with jokes, you know." "I personally thought it was funny!" laughed Oliver. Duck sighed and puffed away with his coaches once the guard blew his whistle.  "He's just a stick-in-the-mud," thought Oliver. Meanwhile, the engines decided to investigate and sent James since he was the only one to go on branch lines. "They couldn't have cloned us!" thought James, "That's impossible!" "The engines are over here," explained Oliver. James looked and saw the some of the Arlesdale engines: Rex, Mike, Bert, and Jock. "So those are the engines!" gasped James. "They're not your clones, James! They are just engines from the new Arlesdale Railway to carry down ballast," said James' driver. "I see," grumpled James, "Where's that Oliver?" However, Oliver had wisely dissapeared and went off to the sheds. "What was all that about?" asked Mike, "Are you trying to insult me?" "Anyone would think they'd want to," laughed Rex. "Stow it you two and be kind to our visitor," said Bert. "I'm James, the most splendid engine on the whole of Sodor." "That's exactly what Mike says too!" laughed Rex. Mike snorted. "You two have a lot in common," said Jock, "You two are both red, stubborn, boastful, and boast about your paintwork. James steamed crossly away and so did Mike. James explained what had happened to the engines at the sheds. "I knew it!" spluttered Gordon. "Dispicable!" agreed Henry. "What my concern is that Mike! I don't like him in the slightest," huffed James. Mike and James developed a rivalry even though they didn't see each other often, but that's another story...

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