Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Percy was very pleased. His trucks had behaved well and he had been accident-proof for a solid month, but all of this was about to change. The Fat Controller came to see him in Ffarquhar Sheds. "The quarry is extremely busy, so you must go and help Toby and Mavis since Thomas and Daisy have passenger services." explained the Fat Controller. Percy didn't like going to the quarry because he didn't get along with Mavis. "Alright, sir," sighed Percy and he puffed away to the quarry. At the quarry, Mavis was telling Percy about the quarry. "The men are blasting today, so you must stay away from that area," she said. "Why do you of all engines have to tell me what to do?" huffed Percy and he started to work. "Pah! He'll be sorry..." Mavis said. Percy placed some trucks near the blasting site. His driver wasn't worried at all. "The Skarloey Railway quarries never evaquate when there's blasting, so why should we?" he said. Percy agreed, but he wasn't being very careful.  He biffed the trucks and the trucks went straight into the dynamite! The dynamite exploded and pieces of trucks flew everywhere! Some fell on Percy; others flew into the quarry walls. Rocks started to fall. "Rockslide! Everyone, get out now!" warned Toby. "Don't tell me twice!" huffed Mavis and the engines raced out of the quarry. The rockslide caused a lot of damage. That night, a very furious Fat Controller came to see Percy."You blew up my quarry, Percy!" cried the Fat Controller. "You are a very irresponsible engine! You will NOT pull the mail for a whole month! Oliver can take your place as the mail engine," he said. Percy wanted to cry, but he didn't want to in front of the engines. "Yes, sir," he puffed quietly. The Fat Controller bluntly walked away. "Never mind, Percy," said Toby, "Everyone makes mistakes." Percy said nothing. He was very upset to not be pulling the mail, but he knew he had to be content.