Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6 

The Fat Controller soon made the arrangments and Neville was sent to help on the Branch Line. Later that day, Douglas could see a black shape backing down into the sheds. "Och, it's about time yu've arrived, Neville." huffed Douglas. "I'm sorry, but a bull was on the line and the farmer had to take it away," replied Neville. "Well, at least you're here now. This work is rushing me off my wheels!" said Douglas. "Well, you still have to do it you know." said Neville.  "I understand, but my paint's getting all dusty!" replied the Scottish twin. The next day, Neville's first job was to go to the Small Railway to collect some ballast. He puffed cheerfully into the Small Railway yards where Jock was waiting for Mike. "Mike's supposed to take the ballast that your trucks need." he explained. Down the line, Mike was puffing his hardest. "I must do it! I must do it!" he panted as he wearliy puffed into the yard. "What kept you?" asked Jock, "Poor Neville has been waiting out in this heat!" "I *pant* Those trucks were playing their silly games AGAIN!" said Mike, "It's all that Bert's fault! He told me that my paint suits my temper, and the trucks had heard it from Rex. Stupid rubbish if you ask me." "What can I say, it was funny to me! I didn't even tell the trucks! Frank likes to talk to them, and he must've mentioned it." said Rex as he passed by. "Excuses, excuses..." muttered Mike. "Ah, well. Just get up to the shoot, will ya? Neville's going to be late if you don't hurry up!" complained Jock. "All right! All right! It's just I have to take some produce from the farms! Too much work if you ask me!" huffed Mike, who was now red in the face. "Things would be better if Donald hadn't burst his safety valve," said Neville. Soon, Neville had been coupled up and steamed away. This was when the trucks started to play their games. "Look! It's an improper engine!" Neville was very upset. That night, he told Douglas about it. "I wouldn't mind if I were ye. It's just what trucks do." But Neville did mind. He started to wonder if he was an improper engine after all.