The Great Western Railway

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The Great Western Railway is the second volume of the New Railway Series.


Great Western EnginesEdit

Duck and Oliver are sad to hear that City of Turo's been withdrawn. To cheer them up, the Fat Controller decides to send them to the Great Western Railway. Duck and Oliver are delighted to go.

Too Much WorkEdit

With Duck and Oliver gone, the Scottish Twins have to do all of the work. Donald and Douglas can't manage the work on the Little Western alone, so the Fat Controller searches for an engine to help them that's able to go on branch lines. At last, the Fat Controller sends Neville


Donald and Douglas are grateful for Neville's help, but the trucks start to tease him for his boxy shape. Neville starts to wonder wether he is truly a steam engine or not.

Hooray for City of TuroEdit

Duck and Oliver have a wonderful time at the GWR and hate to say goodbye to their hero, City of Turo. Duck and Oliver soon have to leave and come back to Sodor, just before Neville has an accident.

Characters (so far)Edit