Kronos and Thomas : When Kronos arrives on Sodor, Thomas thinks Kronos arrived to replace him. But it turns out he really wasn't.

Clark's Mystery: When Clark arrives, he wonders where his friend Kronos is.

Dragonoid Goes Flea Part 1  : When Dragonoid arrives, he brings a flea with him.

Dragonoid Goes Flea Part 2: The flea messes up everything on Sodor. Dragonoid knows that a flea's weakness is water so he leads the flea back to water and dissappears. The flea then goes back home to the Island of York.

The Virtual Reality Troopers: When Dragonoid, Thomas and Henry are cured from the flea problem, the three are teleported to the show V.R. Troopers.

Characters ( so far)Edit



Sir Topham Hatt



A Flea

The V.R Troopers


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