The World's Strongest Engine

by Mr.Conductor

The Troublesome Trucks are bothersome things. They always try to bump and derail any engine unfortunate enough who has to pull them. Henry was one such fellow. He had just come down Gordon's Hill when the trucks took their chance. They bumped him where the hill leveled out, and Henry was powerless to stop it. "Oh no!" he cried as he hit the curve. He had gone too fast, and had now tipped on his side. Luckily his driver and fireman were unhurt. "Bother," said Henry, "I was sure I had control!" What will The Fat Controller say?" The Fat Controller had plenty to say when he arrived. "Henry, you are badly damaged. You must visit Crewe to have your cab and boiler mended. I have asked the manager of the Other Railway for a spare engine to take your place until you return," he said. Henry grimaced. "But, sir," he protested, " they only have diesels now, I don't want one doing my work." The Fat Controller cleared his throat. "Yes, Henry. They are sending a Diesel, but you shouldn't worry yourself. I am paying very close attention to the arrival." And he was, for the only engine the Other Railway was allowed to deliver was Diesel, who was sent away previously for spreading lies about Duck. Diesel had to go to Brendam Docks now to shunt empty trucks to the open sidings. Bill and Ben were already there hard at work. They stopped as they saw Diesel oil into the yard. "Oh, Bill, look over there," said Ben. "Well if it isn't that crooked Diesel!" replied Bill, "He's the most diseased of them all." Ben said, "we can't have that liar ruining our fun here. Let's drive him out." So the two twin tank engines devised a plan to make Diesel leave the docks....