Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6

Now that Duck and Oliver were gone, Donald and Douglas had to run the branch line by themselves. It didn't help that Edward's branch needed assistance as well.

Donald and Douglas were worried about this and did their best to keep up with the schedules.

But it was summer, and that meant a lot more work. The twins couldn't handle it.

Donald was taking of train of ballast down to Tidmouth. He was desperately trying to get there.

"It's only a few more miles..." he told himself, but the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see.

It didn't help that his cylinders were starting to rattle.

Donald's crew took notice of this.

"Yikes, better examine him at Tidmouth," decided the driver, but they never made it.

Donald's face felt like it was burning from the sun and the heat made his boiler even more hot.

Donald's cylinders suddenly burst. 

"Och, this can't be happening now!" gasped Donald, trying to catch his breath.

His wheels stopped turning right in front of the station.

Henry was at the station dropping off some wood from the forest.

"Are you alright Donald?" asked Henry.

Donald didn't hear him; he suddenly felt light on his wheels.

The fireman grabbed a bucket of water and splashed it on Donald's face. That brought him back to Earth.

"What happened?" he moaned.

Donald's driver called for Douglas to come.

Douglas soon arrived and backed onto Donald.

"Dinna' fash yourself, Donald'. You'll feel better soon." he said reassuringly.

But Donald didn't feel like it.

Douglas pushed Donald to the Works, where the Fat Controller was with a stern expression.

"Shade!" gasped Donald and he let out a sigh of relief to be under a roof.

The Fat Controller nodded. "Yes, that could work. But there is no engine I can think of that can go on branch lines except James. James won't like being here, though." "What about yun Neville? He's just tje right weight" replied Douglas. The Fat Controller's face brightened up. "Well done, Douglas! You may have just saved this branch line! All I have to do is make the arrangements," Douglas smiled. "It's a pleasure, sir. A real pleasure." he said as the Fat Controller walked away. He went off to Knapford in his car, thinking of the arrangements to send Neville to the Main Line as Douglas pulled Donald to the Works. "Ya did, it old friend," grinned Donald. Douglas smiled, knowing what the Fat Controller would say to him that night. He could here it now, "You are a Really Useful Engine!"<null> </null><null> </null>