Written by Wf72

   One night on Sodor, all of the engines were gossiping in the sheds. James told a story that there was a lost engine buried somewhere in the mines. his name was "Tornado." He was able to go really fast. Once he was delivering some trucks to the Center Island Quarry when he ran into a mineshaft which the entrance collapsed in on him, and he had been lost ever since. some times Mavis could swear she heard talking in that old mineshaft. Everybody thinks it was made up but Gordon was not so sure. In the morning he decided to ask The Fat Controller. He says that it was true and the Friday night of every week a search party searched for him, and he said that he could join. Gordon was very excited. At Friday night at 9:53 The Fat Controller came and got Gordon. They went to the mineshaft and he saw the rest of the rescue party. It was Stepney, Hank, Mavis, and the Flying Scotsman for the rails, and for the roads there were Caroline, The Horrid Lorries, and Bertie. When gordon was in front of a wall with buffers in front of it somehow Gordon jerked forwards and crashed through the wall. He found himself on normal rails and went forward until he found a purple truck with Golden buffers and "HVS Coal Co." written in fainted dark blue writing. The truck told Gordon to go save an engine and go forward. He did so and found a rusty, red engine. He was sad and lonely and said that his name was Tornado. Gordon gasped and at once he took the truck and Tornado to The Fat Controller. He gasped and at once fixed them both up at the Steamworks and threw a party in Gordon's honour, and Gordon thought if it was not only for James he would have never found him. He thanked James and they had a great night.