Written by Wf72

   One morning on the Island of Sodor, Duck was on his getting loaded on to a ship to be taken to The Mainland to see the Great Western Railway. Cranky tried to load his on about, but since he was not the newest crane on the island, his crane arm broke off. He had to be fixed. After the fixing, he just refused to do any work. Sir Topham Hatt tried to reason with him, but that ended up making him have to buy a new top hat. The engines all tried to make Cranky see sense. Eventually, Cranky decided to load Gordon, who was annoying him the most, onto a ship to go to the mainland. but he knew the buffers where broken. Gordon slid into the ocean. Cranky was very sorry and loaded Gordon back onto land. and he was happy since he dealed that if he worked, the engines would not bother him anymore. Gordon agreed that it was a good deal.