more comming soon.


thomas was waiting impatently at the platform one day. hurry up NOW he said. man be nice now. man people just don't get it now do they. people don't get what. percy asked. well you see percy that I don't have anytime to be waiting around I need my couches. ok. later. james shunt my cars into the siding. no I won't do that you see I need to get over to the sheds. well I don't have time to shunt them so just shunt them for me. ok fin. so later. wow we need to get back at thomas for being a rude engine. I agree so here is my plan so percy told it. that is great. so that morning when thomas came up to the couches he went around the railway in only ten minutes. woo woo woo woo woo.  HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP MMMMMEEEE NNOOWW. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they said. so thomas was now feeling bad like a buzkill.

this is the sence from buzkill

jock on sodor

it was a great day for the island of sodor as jock just came up to tidmoth. great I'm here good times ket's go he said. we just got here now cheer up. so they were off soon he came to arlsdale end. hm jock was starring at the sign. hey arlsdale is where I live, let's take a look shall we. hey uh toby. are you here. ovcaurse I'm here so they had fun


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